ICizzle was born down by a river in Oregon to a Business Owner and Beautician. His parent’s hippies of the 1960’s peace generation encouraged ICizzle to think freely and creatively. ICizzle was raised home schooled in the San Juan Islands. By his late teens ICizzle moved off the island to pursue his dreams of being a Disc Jockey and computer programmer.The Disc Jockey dream didn’t work out and ICizzle attended College instead. To pay for College ICizzle worked for Wal-Mart. Only after accidentally making his first short film titled: Bagman (A short film about an everyday guy released from a mental ward who wishes he was a superhero with special powers). He decided in his last quarter of college, Computer programming was not for him. A computer teacher saw the film and gave ICizzle a deal. If he could make an entertaining short film to do with computers, he would pass and graduate ICizzle without having to attend another class at that college. ICizzle took the deal and completed his degree in Computers. ICizzle quit his job at Wal-Mart and moved to Seattle to attend school at the Art Institute of Seattle.ICizzle Graduated the Art Institute of Seattle with an award winning portfolio of music videos for Seattle artists: Michelle Lang & Still Water, Pearl Dragon, BlackBelt, Kinfolk Klick and many more.After working for some years in advertising and corporate (Clients: Microsoft, Ford, T-mobile, Wong Doody etc), ICizzle decided it was time to pursue his love of creating films, music videos, fashion and art. He quit his day job in 2009 with little to no money, sold all his belongings and moved out of his apartment and into an art studio called the 619 in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. To pay for the art space he printed his designs on used T-shirts and old records given to him by his Grandma and Aunt at the monthly art walk.In 6 months time he created his first experimental feature Becoming iCIZZLE. The film asked the question: if you had six months to live what would you do with it? Based loosely on the events of his own life where the main character follows his dream of creating films, music videos, fashion and art with no money. The film combines music videos with an experimental documentary format. ICizzle starred, directed, produced, wrote, filmed, and edited the entire film. The film was nominated for 3 awards including best director in a documentary / feature at the World Music & Independent Film Festival in 2010.Taking almost two years off to hone his own style and create a collection of experimental music videos for artists: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Champagne Champagne, Lady Gaga, Eminem & many more. ICizzle collaborated a third time with artist Michelle Lang & Still Water for the song Elevator (Remix) (The second music video was for the song “Twisted” an award winner at the Pacific Northwest ITM Music Awards in 2010). The music video for Elevator (remix) is set to premiere in Early 2011. The song is produced by Grammy nominated Derek DC Clark (Producer for artists Omarion, Ruben Studdard, and Tyrese).Can1? was the official selection of the New media film festival and The world music and independent film festival in 2011. The documentary was selected to be shown in Hollywood, California at The New media Film Festival in their private theater and closed The world music and independent film festival in 2011. The documentary features award winning actress Holly Anderson and her effort to rescue and find homes for shelter dogs in Hollywood. Other topics include: Energy, Positivity, Happiness and more. Can1? Premiered on Cineplexstudios.com (TV for the internet) early in 2011 to better than expected ratings.The Happy Episode was an official selection at WMIFF 2011 and won for best short documentary. This was the first win for ICizzle after being nominated 11 times from 2010 – 2011 for his short films and documentaries.


Video, Production, Director, Photographer, screenwriter, film editor, cinematographer, composer and film director.