Well Wishes

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About This Album

In light of his tour throughout Africa, Bizzle has made a commitment to dedicate 100 percent of the profits gained from ‘Well Wishes’ to building fresh water wells in the most destitute and impoverished parts of the continent. The plan for ‘Well Wishes’ is to begin building in Mozambique, while expanding to other cities and villages throughout Africa.

Most artists have trouble relinquishing the profits from a project they worked months or even years on, however Bizzle takes that seemingly giant step to do so.

“In this situation not only are we asking you to give but also we are giving you something in return. On one hand we are trying to create clean water for people to drink and also trying to create clean music for your children.”

Performing in cities across Africa and experiencing the desperation and lack of resources first hand, the God Over Money artist finally realized something must be done regardless of the costs or consequences to himself.

“Im worried about what I’m gonna drink when I go. The Lord kinda dealt with me about the fact its only now when its about to affect me that I’m worried about what they have to drink out there.”

Ultimately the ‘Well Wishes’ project is a direct result of the blessings that have been bestowed on Bizzle. Because he has been truly blessed to live in the United States, a place where we have seemingly unlimited access to clean water, he feels that it is his obligation and duty to the Lord that he do something about it.

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