Verse 2

An infectious blend of Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop Music

About This Album

Verse 2 is the creation of Omaha’s Jasmine Thompson, leading female Hip-Hop and R&B artist. Verse 2 contains 10 songs, all of which are Billboard top 100 type material. It is an eclectic mixture of sounds. There is something for everyone on this album. Look for songs such as “Sweeter Than a Sweet,” “Ring the Alarm,” and “Choices” to make an immediate impact.

Jasmine S. Thompson (aka – Jazzy) is a singer, songwriter, and entertainer. She has an degree in radio broadcast and has a very promising future in that line of work. With this release entitled Verse 2, she was able to put together a CD project worthy of national recognition in the Hip-Hop and Crossover/Pop genres of music. Jasmine is a strong rap artist who also does lead vocals. She has the ability to succeed both as a solo artist, or a featured artist in a band.

Jasmine’s music is marketed to both a young and older listening audience. She is charismatic and is often the life of the party wherever she goes. She is a bundle of charisma, energy, and charm. Jasmine is an extremely talented musician, who can “rock” the drums! She possesses an infectious personality, and has all the intangibles to make it in the music business—qualities that cannot be easily taught. She has the right tools to make it much in the same way national artists Bow Wow and Justin Bieber were able to do. It is only a matter of months before someone of national stature notices her and gives her a major contract.

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