Question Bedtime

Trapping in time that delicate moment between innocence and terrifying adulthood, this album of song-length fairy tales is certain to captivate the budding generation of nerd-rap connoisseurs and their childrens-music-wary parents alike.

About This Album

MC Frontalot’s sixth album introduces a whole new style of nerdcore adventure: there are no video game cheat codes, no underground comic books, no sentient robots. Instead, the listener is treated to a selection of ten fairy tales, drawn from stories that have wandered the globe for thousands of years. The tales are rich with talking animals, wish-granting spirits, and dreams that come true. They also depict mystical curses, political revolutions, and the occasional injustices of love. But kids need to learn about such things!

Or do they? The youngsters of the 10th-15th centuries had to be prepared for anything. Front is making no effort to return the harshness of medieval life to children’s entertainment. But those dangers creep into the origins of our most potent fantasy literature, and they are built into the structure of all the oldest stories we still tell each other. You’ll find them here, woven together with the more readily expected joys and wonderments.

You’ll also find a slew of fresh Frontalot tracks, chock-full of uptempo jauntiness and fat beats, certain to rile up your young ones just when you had hoped to broach the subject of a nap. You may also find narrative puzzles, twist endings, and vocabulary words that even your college-age whelps will deem taxing. It is an album to grow into, for you and yours. Ready yourself, then delve deep.

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